Save Us from Sour-Faced Catholics & Silent Priests

Joel and I often say that the “attitude” of this blog embodies what a practicing Catholic ought to be --- intentionally, joyfully, and faithfully Catholic all the time. Our blog posts attempt to be the antidote to the perception that piety is boring or that the Church is filled with “sour-faced saints,” as St. Teresa of Avila warns us of becoming. The recent Health & Human Services’ mandate that orders almost every employer and insurer in the United States to provide sterilization and … [Read more...]

First Friday Shout-Out! (& Seven Quick Takes Vol. 12)

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Seven things I feel are worthy of a first Friday shout-out! 1. The Podcasting Priest Finally! Joel and I have been bugging Fr. Kautzky, our parish's associate priest, for nearly a year to begin podcasting his homilies, and that moment has arrived! His first podcasted homily has been uploaded and is ready for the world to hear. He delivered an outstanding message on Corpus Christi Sunday about why the Eucharist is the reason he is Catholic. We will be sharing the audio files of his … [Read more...]