Yikes! “All these evils come from within, and they defile”

Mark 7 14-23

“All these evils come from within, and they defile.” – Jesus to the Pharisees

Some research indicates the average woman speaks 20,000 words a day. And man? 7,000. But no matter the number of words uttered, our daily conversations say a lot about the state of our relationships and whether we view our spouses as true partners. Are our conversations more positive than negative? Do our words lift one another up or tear one down? Do they reflect a sense of working together or of working at cross-purposes? Every word that comes out of our mouths has the ability to either undercut or underscore our marriages. To defile or purify. All those words greatly matter when it comes to demonstrating commitment to our spouses. Here are two thoughts on how to purify the “evils from within.”

Memorial Day and the Mass

Red poppies growing among the ruins in Ancient Ephesus

When we remember together, it takes on a different character. Rather than simply recalling the past, this communal remembrance brings the sacrifice of those who have given their lives for our freedom into the present day. Further, it somehow becomes eternally present whenever we gather to remember.

Does any of this sound familiar? Substitute Jesus for the person(s) you remember today, and this is the essence of the sacred Eucharist.

The 6th Great Antiphon: O Rex Gentium — King of All the Nations

O Rex Gentium - King of All Nations

December 22: The O Antiphons reflections continue with O Rex Gentium or O King of All Nations. O King of all the nations, the only joy of every human heart; O Keystone of the mighty arch of man, come and save the creature you fashioned from the dust.

Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy – Book Tour & Giveaways

CMCP blog tile 0912

To celebrate the launch of her new book, A Catholic Mother’s Companion to Pregnancy: Walking with Mary from Conception to Baptism, Sarah Reinhard invites us to pray the rosary together. The Practicing Catholic is the eighth stop on her Rosary Blog tour. Today, Sarah shares a reflection on the Wedding Feast at Cana.

Indivisible: Jay Richards on History Lessons in Hope

Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before it's too Late

Movements that transform cultures historically come from larger spiritual renewal. Congratulations to last week’s giveaway winner John Germain! Enter to win a your own copy of Indivisible! Simply leave a comment here. Next Wednesday, August 15, we will randomly select this week’s winner. Giveaway sponsored by The Maximus Group. You also can buy Indivisible from […]