No Neighbor, I’m Not Carrying Twins

Pope Francis Blesses Baby in Womb

So what the heck does my ever-expanding belly and a couple rude comments have to do with the Good Samaritan? Here’s the nugget I’ve been chewing on. I’ve three months to go, folks, and I bet plenty more comments about my appearance and weight will still be hurled my way. While my physical posture may stink because of this growing babe in my womb, the posture of my heart doesn’t have to equally stink. True love for God compels us to show charity toward our neighbors, even those who say the darndest of things.

“Why I Love My Wife” St. Valentine’s Day Link-Up Event

Why I Love My Wife

Announcing our St. Valentine’s Day 2013 “Why I Love My Wife” link-up event. Join me in rejecting a culture of locker-room talk that objectifies and degrades the women we love. Instead, let’s proclaim the Divine Gifts that they are to us. Strengthen your marriage by building up your wife. The gushing begins in just three days.

Forget Not Love: Advice from St. Maximilian Kolbe


Saint Maximilian Kolbe often preached, “Don’t ever forget to love.” Kolbe was a red martyr, suffering persecution and death in defense of the faith. We won’t all be called to red martyrdom, but if we are taking our religion seriously, we most likely will experience white martyrdom. Have you been called to love, to place the needs of another before your own? And how far forward have you stepped?

Indivisible: Jay Richards on Personal Holiness and Public Witness

Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before it's too Late

“We’re commanded to speak the truth in love.“ Congratulations to last week’s giveaway winner Marsha Johnson! Enter to win a your own copy of Indivisible! Simply leave a comment here. Next Wednesday, August 8, we will randomly select this week’s winner. Giveaway sponsored by The Maximus Group. You also can buy Indivisible from Ignatius Press […]

Indivisible: Jay Richards on Morality and Economics

Indivisible: Restoring Faith, Family, and Freedom Before it's too Late

Distinctions between social and economic issues are artificial. Congratulations to last week’s giveaway winners Jessica Kiesling and Rita Rawson! See details below to enter this week’s Indvisible giveaway. You also can buy Indivisible from Ignatius Press (with Voting Guidelines for Catholics bonus CD). This is the second installment from our interview with Dr. Jay Richards; […]

Reconsidering the Seamless Garment

You Look Fine

Well-intentioned axiom has out-lived its usefulness, should be retired. We’ve all been there. You’re way behind on laundry so you dig deep into your closet, rummaging through clothing you haven’t worn in years. Amid all the outmoded items you find what appears to be a gem, something you used to wear all the time. Okay, it […]

The Illusion of Ownership and the Slavery of Sin

Respect Life 2011

October 2, 2011: Twenty-Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time Your life is not your own; being a good tenant means giving up ownership to God. Home ownership the cornerstone of the American Dream, isn’t it? Yup, that’s the goal. Ownership means self-sufficiency and independence, two of the qualities we Americans value most. Ownership means we don’t have to rely […]

Putting on the Mind of Christ

To whom do you bow down?

September 25, 2011: Twenty-Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time Most of us live in a world of extraordinary luxury. We can have pretty much whatever we want whenever we want it. We have multiple fast food options at any hour. Satellite TV with DVR and on-demand movies is almost standard. Many stores offer instant credit with little […]

Holding Back and Hurting Ourselves

Who are we really hurting?

September 11, 2011: Twenty-Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time Have you ever held a grudge? C’mon, who among us hasn’t? When we have been wronged, our first instinct is usually to get angry. Our second instinct then is to hold onto our anger, because we somehow feel justified in doing so. Forgiveness comes later, much later if […]