5 Steps to Embracing Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning

Editor’s Note: In honor of Natural Family Planning Awareness Week, welcome back Renee McGuire to The Practicing Catholic. Read Part 1 of Renee’s testimony 6 Things I’ve Learned Since Dumping the Pill.  * * * Once we removed the pill from our marriage, my husband and I experienced healing we didn’t know we needed. This truly was a […]

6 Things I’ve Learned Since Dumping the Pill


Editor’s Note: In honor of Natural Family Planning Awareness Week, please welcome Renee McGuire to The Practicing Catholic. Renee and husband Kerry are parishioners at St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church in West Des Moines, Iowa, where they teach Natural Family Planning classes. This is Part 1 of Renee’s testimony. Part 2 is 5 Steps to Embracing Natural […]

Catholic Church in the Crosshairs

Image by Lawrence OP, used under Flickr Creative Commons License

Obama administration empowers dissident Catholics to represent the Church, tries to shift conversation from religious freedom to contraception. “Click, click.” Did you hear that? It’s the sound of the Obama administration taking aim at the Catholic Church. I’m sure there are some who disagree with me, who want me to just relax and stop with […]

The Catholic Church’s Best Kept Secret


One Husband’s Perspective on Natural Family Planning Today we are pleased to welcome friend and fellow parishioner Kerry McGuire to The Practicing Catholic. Kerry’s wife Renee wrote two posts for us this past July (Part I & Part II) in conjunction with Natural Family Planning Awareness Week. As Respect Life Month comes to a close, we are honored to share Kerry’s perspective to […]

Help a Friend Defend NFP!

The Pill = The Problem.

In our continuing focus on Natural Family Planning Awareness week, I would like to highlight the good work of our friend Kristan Doerfler who writes The Emmaus Road blog, the Catholic voice on HoustonBelief.com (hosted by the Houston Chronicle). As one might imagine, she has a broad, diverse readership that can result in a litany […]