The Churching of Women: Postpartum Support, Catholic Style

Churching of Women

Once upon a time in colonial America there was something called a “lying in” period. This was the time, typically a month or so, following childbirth when a community would rally in support of a new mother. She would rest, regain her strength, and bond with her baby while the community kept up the household. Many of her attendants would be relatives, none of whom were paid, and the favor was returned following their own deliveries.

My how times have changed! Maybe we are just a wee bit sensitive given that Lisa is just four weeks postpartum and what she wouldn’t give for a couple of extra hands just a few hours per week. Even so, we have reflected on how this postpartum experience, Lisa’s third, is significantly different from the first two.

Why Didn’t Someone Share the Truth With Us?


We are practicing Catholics, not perfect ones. That label “practicing” is a constant reminder of our great need of repentance and conversion.

In our latest post at Catholic Stand, we openly share about an area in our marriage where our repentance and ongoing conversion was and still is needed.

Moms’ Night Out

Moms' Night Out Movie

It’s not everyday I receive an invitation to attend a movie set, watch a scene being filmed, view some completed scenes in early post-production, and meet and greet with some of the actors. Okay, so it’s the only time I’ve ever been invited to such an outing, but what an exciting outing it was. A few weeks ago, I cryptically shared a few photos from a whirlwind trip to Birmingham, Alabama. The media embargo on the movie is now lifted, and I can openly share more about the trip.

Good Times!

Lisa Schmidt Fun Profile

Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life — {pretty, happy, funny, real} style. In this edition I share a photo of my daughter that reminded me of a 1960’s Kodak commercial, pictorial highlights from my Spiritual Friendship talk in Peoria, in search for a new profile pic that tells the world a little bit about me, and highlights of a recent “Benedict Bash” we attended in celebration of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s papacy.

Teens and Virtuous Social Media Use


My latest column over at alerts parents to a new Facebook app called “Bang With Friends.” I think what horrifies me the most with this new app is teens, even preteens, have the ability to download an app and experiment sexually under the guise of logging onto Facebook. What to do? Well telling Facebook […]

Barefaced & Beautiful: She Gave up Make-Up for Lent

Christine Baker

Editor’s Note: It’s my pleasure to share my friend Christine’s story with you about why she gave up, of all things, make-up for Lent last year. Make-up? Indeed! It’s a fun, light-hearted read, but Christine also shared some very personal thoughts about her Lenten journey. It forced me to ask: to what do I cling, worship, what have I made into an idol? As we approach Ash Wednesday, these are certainly some good questions to take to prayer.

Teaching Chastity Through the Virgin Martyrs


I often hear from friends about the struggles they face when discussing sexuality with their children. Mine are still young, but here’s what I’m thinking. Why not use the stories of the virgin martyrs as a foundation to build a culture of chastity in our home, and better yet, ask for their intercession? Seems it could become a rather safe entry point to talk about the virtues of sexual purity … over time, then, maybe this stuff organically becomes part of our family’s vocabulary. Really, what other faith tradition gives you all this stuff? Why not take advantage of it? It seems a better alternative than having “the” conversation with my kids once they hit puberty when the culture’s already been having it with them since they’ve been potty trained.

Take 5 with Kathleen Basi

Take 5 at The Practicing Catholic

Time for another edition in our Take 5 video series! This time Lisa interviews the multi-talented Kathleen Basi. The two chat about the books Kathleen wrote for Catholic families, how to support families with special needs children, and what it’s like to teach natural family planning with your spouse.