Sunday Blog Bits


Today’s blog bits include some great photos of my mom with Timothy Cardinal Dolan over in Rome. Meanwhile back in Des Moines, we experienced a most festive and celebratory proclamation at Mass for our new Holy Father Pope Francis. How about you? What did you hear or see at Mass regarding the selection of our new Holy Father?

Up Close in Rome with Cardinal Dolan

Cardinal Dolan

Today’s all-things Conclave/who’s the next pope/Rome/Catholic media craziness must-read of the day —> how a guy who leads Catholic pilgrimages named Mountain slipped past security with only an iPhone and no press credentials during Cardinal Dolan’s last presser before the Conclave. Not only that, Mountain spoke to Cardinal Dolan and asked his Eminence to greet the pilgrims traveling with him. And the good cardinal did just that.

And this is why we will only travel on pilgrimage with The Catholic Traveler!

A Virtual Pilgrimage to Holy Hill

Holy Hill Steeples - up shot

Is a domestic pilgrimage in your future? While visiting family in Wisconsin last week, we made a pilgrimage to Holy Hill, a national basilica and shrine that has welcomed pilgrims since the late 1800s. The site welcomes over 500,000 pilgrims a year, making it one of the most popular shrines in the United States. In fact, Timothy Cardinal […]

Emilio’s Way


Emilio Estevez cites family, spirituality, and pro-life values as motivators.  Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the name Emilio Estevez? Brat Pack? The Breakfast Club, Young Guns, or The Mighty Ducks? How about Martin Sheen, acting family, or Hollywood royalty? Think unconventional. Consider that from his very beginning in […]

Among Women: Lisa chats it up with Pat Gohn

Among Women Podcast #123 – Practice, Practice Pat Gohn and I recently sat down and chatted about the term “practicing Catholic” and much more. You can hear our conversation on her Among Women podcast. A special thanks to Pat for welcoming me as her guest; I throughly enjoyed our conversation and hope you do, too! Here […]

2011 In Pictures — 7 Quick Takes Style


2011 has been exciting here at Das Schmidt Haus. Here’s my year in review, 7 Quick Takes style. — 1 — I started 2011 as a new full-time at-home parent after resigning from what many called the “dream job.” Many people didn’t understand my decision to walk away from a job with a very promising […]