The Day the Cardinal Paid a Visit

Red Cardinal

One day shortly after my father passed away, I had lunch with a trusted spiritual friend, a deacon of the Church in fact. This deacon's father had also passed away at about the same age I was then, and the deacon was a great resource during my time of grief. During our lunch, I made an off-handed comment about how comforting it was to think about my dad resting well in Heaven  --- à la Mercy Me I Can Only Imagine style. The deacon stopped me. "How do you know he's in Heaven?" The conversation … [Read more...]

My Not-Ready-for-Primetime Antiques Roadshow Investigation

Heirloom Rosary

Appraising a family rosary and three prayer books Any Antiques Roadshow fans in das haus? While not a regular viewer, I've occasionally stumbled on the show and then find myself drawn into the fascinating stories and truths behind the heirloom on display. When the episode ends, I typically look around my house and think: Well, shoot. Look at all this junk. I sure don't own anything worthy of an Antiques Roadshow spotlight. I'm equal parts Bohemian, or Bohemie as my 88-year-old grandmother … [Read more...]

7 Quick Takes: The Name Game, Camp Ujaama, First Fruits, Happy Marriages, Well-Read Moms & Cooking with 6 Ingredients

7 Quick Takes

 1. Crowdsourcing Time! On our next Catholic Women Now radio show, Julie Nelson and I are going to play our version of the "Name Game" and can use your input. How did or will you choose your children's names? How did your parents choose yours? What about confirmation names? I would love to hear your fun, interesting, boring, haphazard, heartwarming, or "just because" stories in the combox. Maybe you were named after a tugboat? Don't be ashamed --- proudly blow your air horn as stories like … [Read more...]

We Belong Neither to Darkness Nor to Night

Mourning the Loss of a Child

Did you know? Planned Parenthood personnel have aborted over 5,300,000 children since 1970. That's equal to the entire population of Colorado. During fiscal year 2011-2012, Planned Parenthood reported receiving a record $542 million in taxpayer funding in the form of government grants, contracts, and Medicaid reimbursements. Taxpayer funding consists of 45% of Planned Parenthood’s annual revenue. So much for safe, legal and rare --- Planned Parenthood performed a record high 333,964 … [Read more...]

Is This Jar Full?

Blessed Pope John Paul II

Keeping first things first puts everything else in proper order. Hat tip to Fr. Albert Bruecken, OSB of Conception Abbey, who relayed the following story in his homily this past Sunday. I have adapted it significantly for use here. A wise, elderly Benedictine nun was teaching first-year seminarians at a nearby Benedictine abbey and seminary college. Before class one day, she overheard her students grumbling about the abbey’s rigorous daily prayer regimen, which they were having some … [Read more...]

Pope Benedict XVI’s April Prayer Intentions

Unite with Christians throughout the world in praying for the pope's monthly prayer intentions. Since the nineteenth century, popes have asked the Apostleship of Prayer to pray for specific intentions. Two prayer intentions are requested each month from the Holy Father, a general intention and a mission intention. Let us join the Apostleship of Prayer’s dedication to pray for these intentions each day. Pope Benedict XVI’s April 2012 prayer intentions are: General Intention – Vocations: That … [Read more...]

Ash Wednesday: Begin Again

Begin Again

Lent, a season particularly focused on renewal and conversion, begins today.  Flip through the pages of most current home and garden magazines and you will easily find articles with tips for spring-cleaning. I recently found an article titled, “Spring Clean Your Finances.” The first paragraph read, “Spring is the season of renewal --- the time to get out the gardening tools, begin a new exercise program, or tackle the dirt that’s accumulated in the house.” Let’s focus on that first line: … [Read more...]

Prayers for Women Approaching Labor


For acceptance of the discomforts of pregnancy: Lord Jesus Christ, your Mother, Mary, gave herself in order to bring you into a suffering world. Your own sacrifice proves that suffering can be made holy. In my womb is a sign of great hope. I joyfully accept my discomforts, Lord, for the sake of that hope. I offer them to the Father in your name. Amen. Mother Mary, pray for me. Amen. During late pregnancy: Dear Father in heaven, I love my baby, and I look forward to his/her happy birthday. … [Read more...]

Learning to Discern God’s Will

Quiet Time Website Banner

Have you ever wondered how other people have learned to discern God’s will? George Mueller, a nineteenth century English pastor who was known for his life of prayer and his close walk with God, once shared this simple method for determining God’s will through prayer and the Word: I seek at the beginning to get my heart into such a state that it has no will of its own in regard to a given matter. Having done this. I do not leave the result to feeling or simple impression. If so, I make … [Read more...]