7 Quick Takes

7 Quick Takes

Stick Figure Freeze Tag, Daddy-Daughter Dance, A Well-Read Mom, Radio Show Updates, Mushroom Soup & Two Urgent Prayer Requests --- 1 --- So four-year-old Lucy and I have a new activity here at Das Schmidt Haus, one that infuses stick figures, freeze tag, and dance marathon. Here's how it works. First, with a pencil and paper, draw a bunch of stick-people-in-crazy-positions: one arm up, one knee up, both arms out to the side, one leg out, etc. Once your stick people are created, one person … [Read more...]

The Spiritual Fatherhood of Fr. John Riccardo

Fr. John Riccardo

This post is completed in conjunction with Support a Catholic Speaker Month hosted at BrandonVogt.com. Click here to learn about the promotion. “Lisa, you need to get to the hospital,” my cousin pleaded with me on the other end of the phone. “Your dad has been in a serious accident. You need to come now.” That was three years ago today, September 30, 2009. And at that moment I knew my dad had died. I just intuitively knew. I’ve heard it said that daughters carry their fathers with them even … [Read more...]

Hey, this novena thing works, huh?

Steve Angrisano & Sisters

Here's what I saw on the first day of our St. Thérèse of Lisieux novena.  In case you missed it, our family is praying for increased vocations to the sisterhood (there's a really cool story about an encounter with a nun at that link, too!). Joel and I spent Day 1 of our novena being spiritually fed at the Christ Our Life Catholic Conference in Des Moines. Not only did I see a whole bunch of nuns in habits, but I had a terrific conversation with a few Franciscan sisters from Peoria, … [Read more...]

How Joseph Ratzinger’s Family Prepared Him for Mass


If you aren't reading Pope Benedict XVI, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? An easy way to stay connected to his comings and goings is to subscribe to the VIS, the Holy See Press Office daily newsletter, free of charge. Subscribers receive emails a few times per week that include a daily account of the Holy Father's activities. Accounts like this: During the recent World Meeting of Families in Milan, Italy, Pope Benedict XVI participated in the "Celebration of Witnesses" event by answering … [Read more...]

Adopt-a-Seminarian: Africa eBook Project


I have advocated for adopting-a-seminarian here before. When “adopting,” you pledge to pray for the seminarian daily, send letters or emails often, dedicate Mass for him once a month, send care packages from time to time, invite him to dinner over breaks, etc. Great idea, right? Sure, assuming those seminarians are studying in counties like the United States where internet access and regular mail delivery is taken for granted. I was smacked in the face with my assumptions when I read this at … [Read more...]

Peace on Earth, One Family at a Time

Personalized Rosary

I recently received this message from one of our readers: I was wondering if you have any resources on dealing with less than loving parents. My parents fall in this category. Our oldest is 10-years-old, so I have been dealing with this issue for quite some time. I have experienced a lot of heartache and disappointment over the years. I know this reader is not alone in her experience. I have been engaged in several conversations lately with friends who are also struggling with family … [Read more...]

Power to the Sheeple!


The faithful should embrace this barb for what it really means. I had a Facebook dialog a few weeks ago with a couple Catholic friends who struggle with some of the Church’s teachings. The subject of the exchange was Rep. Paul Ryan’s budget proposal. One of them suggested he should be denied communion because he supposedly doesn't care about the poor. After I refuted that bit of nonsense, the conversation quickly turned toward the HHS contraception mandate. One of the two interjected: Why, … [Read more...]

Pope Benedict XVI’s April Prayer Intentions

Unite with Christians throughout the world in praying for the pope's monthly prayer intentions. Since the nineteenth century, popes have asked the Apostleship of Prayer to pray for specific intentions. Two prayer intentions are requested each month from the Holy Father, a general intention and a mission intention. Let us join the Apostleship of Prayer’s dedication to pray for these intentions each day. Pope Benedict XVI’s April 2012 prayer intentions are: General Intention – Vocations: That … [Read more...]

Dominican Sisters: Say N-O to B-O. Novena Starts Today.


And we ain't talkin' body odor, folks These Nashville Dominican Sisters have some spunk. Have you seen their statement about President Obama's health insurance mandate? Here's a snippet. Health Insurance Mandate: Religious Freedom and Conscience Rights in United States Seriously Threatened The United States, from its very beginnings, has been an example of true human freedom and religious liberty for all. During its history, in fact, our nation has sheltered countless people who came … [Read more...]

I’ll Trade You Father Paul for Archbishop Listecki

Source: The Catholic Herald

New trading cards promote Catholic religious vocations Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki is among a handful of Catholic religious leaders featured on a new deck of trading cards circulating around Milwaukee. The initiative launched last week is meant to drum up interest in religious vocations. Distribution of the cards began after Mass at two diocesan parishes on Sunday, January 8, to coincide with National Vocations Awareness Week. A new card will be distributed after Mass every other … [Read more...]