Forming Intentional Friendships: #Edel15 Afterthoughts

Lisa Schmidt Molly Myers Sarah Dickmeyer

Sometimes the best antidote for a bad day in the trenches of the domestic church is “incarnational time” with a good friend. Incarnational time, that’s what my friends and I call it, because friendships require spending time with another, in the flesh, sharing our gifts and who we are – our highs, lows, and mehs – with each another.

Let’s Chat about Mentoring Relationships for Moms

Motherhood Mentors

During a recent visit to the Omaha Zoo, I spotted this info board outside the gorilla exhibit and couldn’t help but make the connection to human motherhood as well. Indeed, my motherhood has been shaped and informed by watching seasoned (human!) mothers care for their young. I feel blessed to be friends with moms who’ve birthed several kids across a […]

What Catholic Women Think

Lisa and Lydia

A preliminary report, “What Catholic Women Think About Faith, Conscience, and Contraception,” co-authored by Mary Rice Hasson and Michele M. Hill, offers new data about the views of church-going Catholic women, ages 18-54, on faith, conscience, and contraception. This report is part of a larger research effort called the Women, Faith, and Culture Project. Report Highlights 13% of […]

My Prayer for Women During This Year of Faith


When Dr. Tom Neal asked me to write a guest post for the Year of Faith blog, he gave me two instructions: 1) the post must center around women and faith, and 2) it be under 500 words. Seriously? I get one shot on a topic I am most passionate about and am only alloted 500 words? […]

Birth Control Pill NOT a Risk Factor for Breast Cancer?

Check out this Health Tip of the Day I recently received from my fitness center at work (emphasis added). From: Fitness Sent: Sunday, October 02, 2011 3:49 AM To: Schmidt, Joel Subject: Tip of the Day (BREAST CANCER HEALTH) – 10/02/11 *** Today’s Tip:  BREAST CANCER HEALTH Breast cancer, affecting one in eight women, is […]