1. Sue

    We were on parallel pilgrimages. The two oldest kids and I attended Holy Mass last Sunday at the Cathedral-Basilica of St. Louis. Wowee, wow, wow! Very much the same reaction to that beautiful structure in St. Louis as you had here. This looks gorgeous, as well. Doesn’t it just inspire you to think that some very talented people wanted to glorify God with such elegant, stately architecture? Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is a fantastic quick tour of Holy Hill I am sure intriguing.many newbies to our Sacred Hill while acting as a quick overview for veteran hill visitors.

    Please take time to absorb what you see on your first visit and add to your knowledge of Our Hill by returning time and time again in search of spiritual growth. Understand that this beautiful Holy Site is the work of God through the hearts and hands of his faithful.

    I am a student of the Hill using Christ as my mentor through which I have found God his Father along with his Mother the blessed Virgin.

    A great feel for the core of our Christian faith lies beneath the church structure just to the northeast where you will find the Arch of the entrance to the Stations of the Cross. It is here that you will experience 14 stations that once understood will define our beautiful faith. Passion means “love” and it is defined completely by God and Mary As they willfully submit their Son to the rigors of the ” crucifixion” . Jesus too is compliant to their wishes because of his love for man and his Devine parents. It is the convincing argument for everlasting life that God has promised us all.

    Enjoy and be enlightened as I have!

    God Bless !

  3. remember going there as a youngster with the slovak pilgrims from St Stephens parish in Streator, IL. Days full of prayer then at night they would gather at the bar and grill located beneath the lower church

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