1. Brent,

    Sorry I’ve taken so long to respond to your comment. I wanted to brush up on Rerum Novarum first, but it just got away from me.

    To answer your specific question, I believe they are 100% complimentary. Writing a generation following the Industrial Revolution when the west was still struggling with its social ramifications, Pope Leo XIII broke new ground in Rerum Novarum by asserting that the right to own private property is a principle of natural law, primarily owing to the care and welfare of families. Accordingly, ownership carries natural (divine) responsibilities and must be kept in its proper perspective.

    In paragraph 22, Leo wrote, “To sum up, then, what has been said: Whoever has received from the divine bounty a large share of temporal blessings, whether they be external and material, or gifts of the mind, has received them for the purpose of using them for the perfecting of his own nature, and, at the same time, that he may employ them, as the steward of God’s providence, for the benefit of others.”

    That’s a tidy summary of what I intended here, whether or not that actually came through. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

    Pax Christi,

  2. THis is SO good- entertaining and enlightening. And I’m so thankful for these “flash forwards” as I too haven’t caught a homily of Deacon Joel’s in person yet. See you in the vestibule, Lisa? ;)

  3. Thanks, Deacon Joel! I always like your “Mass Forward” reflections. Thank you to you and Lisa for answering God’s call to the permanent diaconate. I pray that your ministry will continue to bless your family and all of those your family serves! Have a great weekend!

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