Teaching From Rest: A deal for you

Two months ago I had glorious plans of sharing a series of posts here reflecting on the early years of homeschooling. I published the first post — Holy Leisure — and received some great feedback. The response motivated me to keep on keepin’ with the series.  Then I had to step away from the blog a bit to focus on the actual business of homeschooling. Some series that was, huh?

Funny thing, the posts are already written. Back in September a friend asked me to lead a talk to a group of new or discerning homeschooling moms here in Des Moines. My initial response was to decline the invitation given I probably need to consume advice and not serve it at this point. But as I prayed about it, the Holy Spirit really placed a bunch of words on my heart. So I transferred those words to the computer and soon realized I had a decent amount of material to share not only with the moms who met with me in my home, but also with the readers here at my digital home.

I will get those posts published here soon.

Had I been staying on schedule, I would have shared a resource that has positively affected my approach to homeschooling. I actually gushed about it during that September meeting with my friends, and I mentioned to them I wanted to invite the book’s author here for an interview. Maybe I would even host a giveaway.

Well, that interview never happened. And I don’t have a giveaway to announce. I’m full of nothing, today, huh?

But wait! I DO have a special discount for you on this very resource that has greatly helped me foster “holy leisure” within my homeschooling routines. This book here:

Teaching from Rest: A Homeschooler's Guide to Unshakable PeaceIt’s Teaching from Rest, A Homeschooler’s Guide to Unshakable Peace by Sarah Mackenzie. The complete set includes three components: 1) a PDF version of the Amazon best-selling book, 2) four hours of audio conversations with Sarah and other leading homeschool professionals, and 3) a printable companion journal to walk you through taking the big ideas from the book and making them come alive in your home.

If interested in getting yourself this gift, Sarah has graciously offered a discount for you. Use this link here and then apply the code TFR2014 to receive 20% off the complete set.

Head’s up, the deal ends November 5.


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