1. Don’t have much of a response yet. I, myself, have reflected on this a great deal lately, though, and have journaled about it, as well as other related issues. I wish I could express what rolls around in my head. So many things. I do feel burdened and overwhelmed by what feels like the message going around for Christians is that to solve our problems (or the best way to) is through more political or legislative action. I honestly cannot find anywhere in scripture where Jesus seemed that way. He warned us we will be persecuted, though. He himself submitted to the worst kind. I feel like we are overly concerned with trying to eliminate it in the world (please don’t think that I AT ALL condone this. The way it tears me up inside when I read this stuff, and the mystery of prayer and unity is what makes me relfect on this). Maybe we should have a visit sometime? I would love a cnhance to visit with others who also may be troubled by these things.

  2. This was on my heart so much as we started Lent because the execution of the Coptic Christians was so fresh. As part of our Lenten discipline, Dan and I started praying the rosary and the conversion of hearts and minds was a large part of that. After Dan’s hospitalization, we fell out of practice. The urging from the Nigerian bishop pushes me to get back into that routine.
    I’ve also had several conversations spurred by a Muslim student about the beliefs of our two faiths…and I have learned fascinating things…and am just so blown away by the mystery of Jesus. It’s incredible to see the wonder of pondering that the Creator could become a created being, and could die; it blows his mind to comprehend this – and I have accepted this belief as such an ‘every day thing’ – not really even cognizant of “the Author of Life you put to death” [from Sunday] and what a juxtaposition that is.

    [I feel like I’m rambling; thanks for sharing your thoughts.]

    • Dan was in the hospital?! I didn’t realize that, Jessica. I’m sorry (this is the disadvantage of a social media fast). I hope everything is better now?

      You share very wise insights here. Thank you. The Holy Spirit has nudged me to be more diligent in praying a daily Rosary for awhile now. Time to get on track.

  3. This tugs at the heart because these are someone’s children. The gifts of my femininity of sensitivity and maternity really kick in for me. These are someone’s children, what if it were my child? The feelings of helplessness can overcome and paralyze me if I don’t keep them in check with prayer. I have learned that this is a cross of moral suffering. The Rosary is a powerful weapon and there are many historical accounts of power of God overcoming what seemed to be humanly impossible. The Battle of Lepanto comes to mind. The other means that has comforted me is to understand that the tears I shed, the empathy I feel, and the grief that the loved ones feel are a form of intercessory prayer. Perhaps, in a small way, God can alleviate their suffering if I accept the cross and help carry it for them. God can scoop up the tears, the offerings and sprinkle in the world where it is needed most.

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