1. Mama25

    That’s interesting that the holy spirit uses a cardinal to communicate with you. I’ve always felt like Mary communicates to me through ladybugs, on a couple of specific occasions. I thought I might seem crazy in front of others until I read what you wrote.I think God sometimes sends us signs that others would think are nothing, but he knows we will notice.
    I love this article. Wonderfully written, and parts of it are things I really needed to hear. God spoke to me today through you. Know that, and God bless your gift of writing

    • I love the ladybug story! :) Thank you, kindly, for sharing your thoughts with me. Your words are such a blessing to me. I debated even sharing all this publicly. On Sunday evening, I had written a lot more here that I ultimately didn’t publish, but the Scripture verse from Luke 2:19 kept playing on repeat in my mind: “And Mary kept all these things, reflecting on them in her heart.”

      So I didn’t publish what I written then as I felt the Holy Spirit was asking me simply to be quiet and ponder. Then Monday came, and the Holy Spirit definitely redirected and pushed me to simply share my discernment story. And I’m so glad I follow His lead because that story seems to be resonating with others!

  2. I have always felt that every year, and even every day, can be the beginning of a new path, especially concerning home schooling. The only advice that I will add to your thoughts is to keep your heart open to home schooling again someday. This happened in my life three times and I have never, ever regretted taking those kids back into the home to school them for a while. I also know how great it has been for me to work part time so I’m home most of the time when the kids have been home. You gotta do what you gotta do .. with God’s help… is my motto.

  3. I am so glad you have found peace in this journey. And I LOVE the picture of Lucy at school. My friends’s children just started their today as well. Gavin is her son that is in 1st grade.

  4. Yes it does sometimes take you down a different road. Had the same thing happen to me this year, just in the last two months. I prayed that God would let me be the pencil. I knew what I wanted but it wasn’t working out. When I let go and went with it, things started to fall into place.

  5. bonnieeng

    What a powerful witness. Thank you for sharing your discernment, Lisa. No matter what schooling choice you would have ended with, it’s really impactful for me to see you lay it all out how you and joel came to the decision you did.

    • Thank you, Bonnie! I appreciate you writing so openly about your discernment and decisions for your family as well over at your place. Your experiences demonstrates to me that the virtues I was trying to build my family around (e.g., holy leisure) through homeschooling CAN be a reality even if we’re not homeschooling. So thank you! :)

  6. Mary Margaret Landry

    Thank you so much for sharing your faith journey. You have such an open heart . You are so inspiring . You are listening for God’s voice in your life and the lives of your family and have clearly heard His voice. God bless you

  7. Katie

    Hi Lisa,
    I had a similar answer to a novena I prayed to the Holy Spirit 3 years ago. After being told numerous times by our priest/friend to stop homeschooling and my kids being quite behind academically, I prayed a novena to the Holy Spirit and one day while driving past our parish, the anxiety about putting them into school simply vanished and I was filled with peace. I enrolled my children in our little Catholic school and we never looked back! Everything fell into place and I know it was the right choice. Since then, when there is a heavy or difficult decision to make, I turn to the Holy Spirit.

    • Hi Katie! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I totally relate to what you write about the anxiety simply vanishing. That’s been my experience, too, and so much is falling into place so quickly. Amazing how God pours out even more goodness when we are faithful to Him, huh? :)

  8. Sharon

    I’m so grateful to have come across this post through a link at the Pitter Patter Diaries page on FB. I am on day four of my novena to Mary, Undoer of Knots. I am also praying for a clear sign for an important situation in my life. I know what I *want* the answer to be, but I suspect that what I will be given is the grace to choose another path. Thank you for this post, which reminds me that I will have peace either way. It is so true that an unclear path is draining on many levels. I hope my signs are as clear as yours were!

    • Hi Sharon. Thanks for stopping by. I pray God is shining His light on your discernment process. I heard crickets for 2 years, and looking back, I needed that time in order to be open to hearing/seeing the signs when God revealed them. Now the anxiety is gone, and it is such a freeing experience to have the interior peace. Please know I will pray for you during my Holy Hour today!

  9. Angela

    I really appreciated reading this. It spoke to my heart in this time of difficult and confusing discernment. Thank you for sharing your story!
    Also wanted to say I very rarely ever read a whole article through, there are many blogs out there but I find most are tiring to read even if interesting topic. Yours was enjoyable and I read right to the end.

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