Feeling overwhelmed? Read this.

I recently had a few text exchanges with a friend about a ministry project I’m working on. My texts went something like this:

I’m freaking out. I didn’t sign up for THIS!! Get me off this crazy train!!! 

My holy friend responded something on the order of:

Hold up, girl. There’s a grace for that.

And she sent me over to the Franciscan Sisters, T.O.R. website, specifically telling me to read a blogpost by Sr. Mary Gemma Harris, T.O.R. about tapping into God’s graces during transition times.

Random thoughts about the blogpost:

  1. Dang, Sr. Mary Gemma is funny! I like her writing style, and I’ll be stopping back for more.
  2. I adore that she used hashtags in her post. #winning #HashtagQueenWannabe
  3. Most importantly, her words about grace are exactly what I needed to read today to step off the ledge.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, like you bit off far more than you can chew without choking yourself to death, like you simply don’t have the mental or spiritual capacity to take on <insert ministry, task, project, etc>, then head on over here and read Sister Mary Gemma’s post titled #Transitions: Where the grace is.


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