• Lovemyfaith

      Oh my goodness no it’s God’s justice and mercy!! Who dies with no attachment to sin or selfishness, resentments, unconfessed venial sins? Nothing imperfect can enter Heaven so we need to be purified before we can enter. In purgatory we are saved and assured of entrance into Heaven so the suffering will be “welcome” We will accept the suffering and understand it. It’s cruel to ignore our chance to help those in purgatory by not praying for them. It’s better to assume that our beloved departed are in need of prayers than to miss the chance to help them. We are all in the communion of saints.

  1. “The Holy Spirit will send you confirmation”…My dad was schizophrenic and in the last years of his life lived away from his family after a failed marriage and lived some aspects of his life in contradiction to his earlier beliefs, so I was very concerned when he died about his entrance into heaven. I also knew that he was sick, and couldn’t be held accountable for all of his actions, but which ones? A couple of months after his death a cousin contacted me to say she had just received a returned Christmas card in the mail that she had sent my dad 3 months before when he was sick stamped “undeliverable”. It kind of spooked her but it was my confirmation.

  2. Erinah

    Thanks for sharing your experience. My father showed me where he was in a dream. I was very close to him and we prayed together many times. It’s a good feeling to know that they are okay.

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