• Thanks for the encouragement, Jess! Just not sure about this blogging stuff anymore, but we’ll keep the space around for the times we are inspired to share something here.

      We received your beautiful Christmas card over the weekend. Thank you for sending it, and thanks for your new address! Now yours is on the way.

      Merry Christmas and many blessings and good health to both you and Dan in 2016!

  1. Thanks for sharing your seal of approval with two new books. We try to add one or two books to our Advent collection every year, and these sound like wonderful additions.

    I’m going to be chewing on your lesson that you learned from your CSS training. I’m going to keep, “I wonder…” and, “That’s a great question. What do you think?” in my mom toolbox. Thanks for the reminder that the wonder of our children and their innocence are often better teachers than us.

    Hope you and your family are having a blessed Advent!

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