1. Susan Wanke

    Beautiful post! I am very new to your sight. Thank you for sharing your life here! We are cradle Catholics, live in Bett., IA. Home-schooling one yet — coincidentally I was also pregnant with my 4th at 40….talk abut you never know (I thought 2 kids was plenty at that point!)….this opinion changed after our unexpected THIRD child traveled the short road to heaven tragically in a driveway mishap, then that baby in my belly at age 40 had Down Syndrome ( a HUGE struggle for me to accept spiritually)….and she had every complication under the sun, and I was NOT the type of mom to say “these children are such a blessing…..then ANOTHER “surprise” baby at 44…..now, this boy is the biggest help to me in my “old age” (he is 11, my DS girl 14, and I, turning 56 this month…..God is FULL of surprises! I DO love him, but still very leery of His surprises!


    • Hi Susan! Thank you for sharing your beautiful witness with me. Maybe one day our paths will cross in real life! Blessings to you and that lovely family of yours this Lent. Thanks, again, for saying hello here. Your note made my day! :)

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