1. What a warm, wonderful update on the folks that we thought might have gone into witness protection :-) Love the family shot… love the baby shot… and BTW: you’ve never claimed the 20 hours of free babysitting you earned from letting us feature the singing voice of a soon-to-be-famous Schmidt on the Catholic Vitamins Podcast. LOL. Blessings on your journey. PS: Catholic Vitamins will soon be entering its 9th year… and it’s on our local Catholic radio station that we started in our community. Blessings. Caring thoughts. The Deacon (& the Dee)

    • So wonderful seeing your comment here, Deacon Tom! Hoping our paths will cross incarnationally one of these days, maybe at a national diaconate conference or gathering? Joel and I will be on retreat soon with our Des Moines community – always a welcome, enjoyable respite! If we ever make it your way, I promise I will cash in for the babysitting. :)

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