Das Schmidt Haus

Holy Family - Monastery Road
“Happiness is to be found in the home where God is loved and honored, where each one loves, and helps, and cares for the others.” — St. Theophane Venard

Das Schmidt Haus is the affectionate name by which we refer to our suburban Des Moines home. It’s where we pray, work, rest, and play with those we love most including Jesus. We make an effort to live out the liturgical year inside our little domestic church.

This all sounds great, but the truth is that sometimes (often?) we fail. We’re no better than anybody else, but we are out there making the effort. That’s really what this blog is about. How do you practice the Catholic faith in between Sundays inside the four walls of your home? Believe us, we don’t have all the answers. But, we’re working it out, and we invite you to share the adventure with us here.